Frequently Asked Questions about Registration for Vivekananda Family Camp

Q1. I am not a Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) member yet. Can my family come to the camp?
A1. You must be willing and able cause effect essay topic to participate in all the Hindu camp activities, such as Aarti, yoga etc. The camp participation would provide/extend your family membership for one year.

Q2. How can I save money?
A2. Each camper gets the lowest fee by coming with a parent. He/she also gets an additional $50 discount for registering early by June 25, 2018. A family gets a $25 per family discount for referring another family who registers for the camp for the first time. Please refer to fee schedule in the instructions.

Q3. Can my children stay with me in the same tent/cabin?
A3. Only accompanied children below 8 can stay with their parent. If there is a medical reason, then camp registrar along with the camp doctor may grant a special request regarding accommodation. All persons must stay in assigned accommodations.

Q4. Can my child or I come for part of the camp week?
A4. Sorry, the answer is no. Camp rules do not permit part week attendance by campers or parents/guardians. Attendees must make a commitment to attend for the whole week except for cases of family or medical emergency. People with specialized skills who are coming as invited teachers can make prior arrangements to come for the part they are teaching.

Q5. What is the policy for campers coming without parents?
A5. Please submit camp application with the required fees (see instructions for the application) and signatures of the guardian who would be attending the camp with your child. You would be notified of the status of your application.

Q6. I want my child to have experience of this camp but my spouse or I are unable to come to the camp. Why is it such a big deal for a parent to attend the camp?
A6. Over the past 30+ years we have received nearly unanimous feedback from parents that Vivekananda Family Camp was a great family experience. The camp provides a new setting to nurture your relationship with your children, to be a role model for your family in a social setting and compare notes with other parents and community members. It is true that one week at the camp represents a considerable amount of time for people who get only two weeks vacation per year. However, the opportunity to invest in family is significant enough to warrant the investment of one week. Obviously, no one can guarantee if your expectations would be met or exceeded.

Q7. My son/daughter has just finished college and wants to help out as a volunteer.
A7. Past campers or people who have been to Vivekananda camp for at least three years are encouraged to apply as counselors. Others would have to apply to be accepted as invited teachers (see question 9 below).

Q8. I have been accepted as a volunteer. Can a friend/relative join me? Can they visit me during the camp?
A8. Parents or family members who have not registered as volunteers can visit the camp on Sunday or Saturday only and are not allowed to visit on weekdays. There is no walk-in registration for anyone. This is a family camp with primary focus on children. Adults, other than campers’ parents or guardians can come as invited teachers only.

Q9. I have very good skills. Can I help out as a teacher?
A9. Teaching assignments are by invitation only and teachers/counselors also pay the volunteer fee. Apply well in advance with letters of recommendation by VHP governing council members. Application does not assure acceptance.

Q10. Where can I get more information?
A10. Application forms and instructions can be downloaded from Photographs from past camps may also be viewed at the website. You can talk to an area coordinator or some of the hundreds of people who have been to the camp during the past years who may have children in the same age group as yours.

Q11. Are there any subsidies or Discounts?
A11. Yes. Please contact your area coordinator or the registrar custom movie review writer for consideration in case you have a genuine case of financial hardship. There is a $25 per family discount if you refer a family which comes for the first time.

Q12. Is there a dress code?
A12. Yes. Guidelines are included with instructions for camp forms.

Q13. Why are there so many rules for camp enrollment?
A13. The camp provides age-wise activities for six age groups from early morning till night and covers physical, cultural, recreation, meals (3 meals and 2 snacks per day), and waterfront areas and requires year round planning by the organizers. State laws impose certain regulations for everyone’s safety. The rules have been established to assure a successful camp year after year.