There are three main components of a personal narrative essay: the introduction, the body section, and the conclusion. It is, however, not easy to structure such an essay as it has to be well-organized and well-planned, as well as relevant to your chosen topic. It may not be easy for students to write narrative essays, but if you keep in mind the following things, you will surely achieve success. Thanks writers from EssayBasics.Com for these useful tips.

 Use relevant quotes

Most of the students do not use pertinent quotes of narrative papers considering that they will show plagiarized or copied. But there is nothing to worry about until or unless you have inserted proper references and in-text citation. If you do not use relevant quotes, your narrative essay may never look as impressive as it should be. Ideally, in an essay of 550 words/2 pages, you can insert up to three relevant quotes, and those should neither be in the introduction nor in the conclusion. Instead, you should insert those in the body section to get them noticed instantly by the reader or your teacher.

Use statistics

It would be great to use statistics or data in the form of math to support your point of view and let the reader know that you are a technical-minded person. Narrative essays containing text and no data do not get readers’ attention as much as the essays that contain lots of statistics and calculations. It does not mean you should write a lot of calculations. Instead, you should insert quantitative data whenever needed, and if it is not needed, then a graph or a chart or two relevant to your topic will also be fair enough.

Ask different intriguing questions

In order to keep the attention of your readers intact, you should always ask intriguing questions throughout the essay. If you are not comfortable with these types of questions, you can ask simple questions, but those should be relevant to your essay’s topic.

Choose the topic wisely

What is the topic of your narrative essay? Do you know anything about how to select such a topic? If no, then you can seek the help of your teacher or senior fellows. There is a strong need to select the right kind of topic for your narrative essay, and that should be relevant to your subject. If your teacher has assigned you a topic, then go ahead and start writing on it. If he has not assigned any topic and asked you to choose a topic yourself, then you can seek the help from the internet.

Write a strong introduction and define the main theme

The introduction of your narrative essay should be clear, strong and comprehensive. Similarly, you can talk about an issue or two while describing their definitions. It is up to you whether you want to talk about the background of the issue or not. Make sure the introduction contains all relevant data and is to the point, describing the purpose and vision of your narrative essay in a couple of lines.

If you keep in mind these points, you can be assured of success and can write high-quality narrative essays. Before submitting your essay, you should always edit and proofread it. Make sure it reads flawless and is free from any spelling or grammatical issues. Feel free to submit the essay to the teacher once you are done with everything.