2016 Camps
MA: August 07 – 13 2016
NJ: August 14 – 20 2016


Massachusetts Camp (August 07 – 13, 2016)

Fee Schedule

Early Registration

Postmark: June 20, 2016

Save $50!

Normal Registration

Postmark: July 11, 2016

Late Registration

Postmark: July 25, 2016

$50 Late Fee!

Each Camper with Parent




Each Camper with Guardian




Each Volunteer




Accompanying Child Under 8





Camp Registrar

Mr. Munish Desai; 21 Hawthorne Road, Shrewsbury, MA 01545;  Tel: 508-925-0787;  Fax: 860-394-4899;  Email:


Online Registration: 

Registration for 2016 is now OPEN!

Early registration ends 20-June-2016.  Registration must be submitted by this date to save $50 per attendee.  So hurry!

New Website and Registration

We are in process of switching over to a new website.  The registration process is done from the new website.

The registration process is similar to an e-commerce experience in which you order items online.  You may use your account year after year to register for attendance to Camp.

Please review the helpful information below prior to registering for attendance to Camp.

You may explore the new website and go through the registration process here:

The account creation and login links are in the upper right corner of the website.

Registration Process

When you visit the website, you will need to create an account by providing an email address and residential address.  You will receive an account verification email.  Please provide a password for your account upon clicking on the verification link within that email.

The account represents members of your family that may attend Camp.

After logging in, from the My Camp page, you can enter information for each person that may attend Camp.  This includes basic information such as name, DOB, gender.

You may create entries for children and each parent.  Both mother and father entries must also be added when child entries are added.  Mother and/or father are not required to attend Camp.  However, if neither parent will attend Camp, an adult guardian must be specified for each child during the registration of each child.

You may also create entries for other members of family (such as grandfather or grandmother) that may also attend Camp.  Those members should reside in the residence associated with the account.  All electronic correspondence from Camp will use the email address associated with the account.

Adults attending Camp who have no children of their own attending Camp can also use the same registration process (account creation, etc).  In this case, do not enter any entries for children in the account.  More than 1 adult can be added in the account.  These adults typically include Camp staff, Camp instructors, and specially invited guests.  All adults added to the account should reside in the residence associated with the account.  All electronic correspondence from Camp will use the email address associated with the account.

For each person that will attend Camp, the respective medical information needs to be updated.  Then that person can be added to Shopping Cart by clicking the Attend Camp link in the entry.

If a person will not be attending Camp this year, do not add that person to Shopping Cart.  When you register that person for Camp next year, the entry will already be present so that the person can be added to Shopping Cart at that time. Every year, you may select which family members will attend Camp that year.

During checkout from Shopping Cart, you may choose to pay the total fee amount by credit card or by mailing a check to Camp Registrar.  If you choose to pay by credit card, a convenience fee of 3.5% of the total amount will be added.

Medical Information

A person cannot be added to Shopping Cart until his/her medical information is updated.

For each child that will attend Camp, a physical exam record and immunization record are required to be submitted.  The doctor’s office typically provides such information for various summer camps.

For each adult that will attend Camp, a doctor’s approval for physical activities is required.  This could be a simple letter with the doctor’s name, address, and appropriate signature.

A copy of both sides of the applicable health insurance card as proof of health coverage is also required.

You may submit medical information in one of three ways even after submitting order online.

  1. Regular mail by mailing it to Camp Registrar
  2. Upload the electronic files (e.g. scanned) from the account via the respective person’s entry
  3. Fax it to Camp Registrar

The medical information must be received by Camp Registrar within 2 weeks of submitting order online.


If neither parent of a child will attend Camp, an adult guardian must be specified for the child during registration of the child.  That adult guardian will attend Camp with the child for the whole week.  The parent must have communicated with the prospective guardian before the registration process.

The guardian could be a grandparent, aunt/uncle, family friend, or a Camp staff member.  The guardian must be at least 21 years old.  If a guardian cannot be found by the parents, please call or email Camp Registrar or get in touch with one of the regional coordinators (please visit the Contact page on the website).  We will be most happy to assist you with arranging for a guardian for your children.

During registration, an adult may specify the name of the child for whom the adult will be guardian for the whole week.  The adult must have communicated with the child’s parents before registration of that adult.

A child’s parents must grant permission to the guardian to make decisions for the care of the child for duration of Camp.

The online registration applies only for the MA Camp.  Please see the ‘New Jersey Camp’ section below for registering for the NJ Camp.

If you have any questions/issues with online registration, send email to

Useful Information

The following information may be very useful for preparation for Camp.

  1. Information/Rules
  2. FAQ
  3. Camp Flyer
  4. Items to bring to Camp


New Jersey Camp (August 14 – 20, 2016)

Early registration ends June 20, 2016  Save $50!

Regular registration ends July 31, 2016

Late registration after July 31, 2016   $25 late fee!


NJ Camp Registrar:  Mr. Sudhir Patel;  12 Maison Place, Voorhees, NJ 08043;  Tel: 856-810-0839;  Email:


This registration process is only for the New Jersey Camp.  Please see the ‘Massachusetts  Camp’ section above for registering for the MA camp.


You may download the following forms, fill them out, and mail them with the additional required documentation to NJ Camp Registrar.  The forms must be postmarked by the specified dates.  Please read the Information/Rules document for information and application procedure.

The forms are in Adobe PDF format. You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.