Camp starts in 16 months, 7 days ago  (July 26, 2020)


Camp is a one week residential camp where youth can learn about and practice Hindu/Sanatana Dharma values while participating in a variety of fun activities with their peers in a disciplined and congenial atmosphere. It is an opportunity for youth to spend an extended period of time together to experience their rich heritage.

Adult attendees serve as volunteers/counselors under the guidance of camp cause and effect essay of technology organizers.  In order to live our values of family, each adult treats each child as if the child is his/her own child.

By the end of Camp, everyone invariably has formed life-long bonds whether they be between children who have never met before Camp or between adults who discover many common experiences and interests.

This popular camp has been running for over 35+ continuous years in the Northeast.


There is a wide range of wonderful activities at Camp.

  • The morning consists of classes and discussions on Hindu/Sanatana Dharma, age appropriate arts and craft skills sessions that include but not limited to coloring, clay, woodworking, science projects, life skills such as auto maintenance.
  • The afternoon consists of waterfront activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and outdoor games such as kho and kabaddi.
  • The evening/night consists of aarti followed by nightly cultural program in which all are invited to showcase their talents by performing a musical instrument, singing, skit/play.  Feel free to bring any musical instruments, songs (song used for a performance must be approved by Camp Cultural coordinator), costumes and/or props for skits, etc.  Please note that all performances must be approved by Camp Cultural coordinator.
  • One week night is enjoyed around a roaring campfire where everyone indulges in songs, smores, popcorn, and general merriment!

  Who Can Participate?

Please note that a lot of physical activity is required from both child and adult at Camp.  There is a lot of walking between the various activity locations within Camp.  Everyone, both child and adult, must be willing and able to fully participate in Camp activities.  About 80% of daytime is spent in the outdoors enjoying nature, classes, waterfront activities, outdoor games.  Plan on a lot of walking between the various activity locations.

  • A camper is a child between (and including) the age of 8 and 18.  We highly encourage at least 1 parent, if not both parents, to attend Camp along with the child.  However, if neither parent can attend Camp, an adult who will attend Camp with the child for duration of Camp can serve as guardian for the child at Camp.
  • Some campers, age 16-18, may be eligible to participate in a special leadership program.  The program is designed to impart some leadership training and skills to the campers.  Topics vary from year to year.  There is an application procedure for entry into the program.  A certificate pay to write essay uk is presented to program participants upon successful completion at end of Camp.  Please send email to to indicate interest in participating in this program.
  • A child below age 8 (also called accompanying child) are most welcome as long as at least 1 parent also attends Camp.  The parent must be willing and able to look after and take care of the child for duration of Camp.  The parent and child will stay together in same cabin.
  • An adult (also called a volunteer) is one who is age 19 (and graduated from high school) and above.  An adult attendee is a Camp teacher, instructor, staff member, or invited guest.


Camp is held in beautiful and well equipped facility that is owned and maintained by Girl Scouts of America.  Camp is situated in wooded campgrounds that also has wonderful lake.

There is a huge Program Center in which meals are served and nightly cultural program is held.

All meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) are provided at Camp.  All meals and snacks are vegetarian that include but is not limited to Indian cuisine (rice, dal, roti, subzi, etc), pizza, mexican, sandwiches, fruits, milk, cookies, etc.  All meals are prepared and cooked on site in the industrial sized kitchen.

Cabin areas are designated by gender in which attendees of same gender stay.  Each cabin accommodates 6-8 persons and has a mix of children and 1-3 adult attendees who serve as cabin counselors.  Please bring your own bedding items such as sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, bed sheet, etc.  Keep in mind that most nights are cool in the wooded Camp.

Hot showers are available.  However, no laundry facilities are available.  Please bring enough clothing for all 6 days of Camp.