Vivekananda Family Camp

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Registration is now OPEN!

The following is some useful information for the registration form.  Please review this information before submitting the form.  

Feel free to get in touch with us regarding registration or for more information about Vivekananda Family Camp.

All attendees of Vivekananda Family Camp are required to stay for the full week that Camp is in session.  Camp Registrar must approve, in advance of registration, any exception to this requirement.

Children / Campers

Child attendees (also referred to as campers) are typically of age 5 to 17 who range from grades 1 through 12.


If a child attendee is under age 8, at least one parent must attend camp as well.


We encourage at least one parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle to attend Camp along with the child.


However, a child may attend Camp without a parent, grandparent, or aunt/uncle if the child is age 8 or above and is comfortable staying for the whole week.

Adults / Volunteers

Adult attendees (also referred to as volunteers) are typically parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles of child attendees.


An adult who is not related to any child attendees and of age 25 or above may attend Camp if that adult will serve as guardian for those child attendees.  That guardian must obtain permission to act as guardian from the parents of the child attendees.


Adult attendees may be Vivekananda Family Camp staff.


Previous child attendees of at least 3 years and have completed at least first year of college may also attend, with approval of Camp Registrar, as Junior Volunteers.  Junior volunteers are expected to help with planning Camp and help with running the exciting activities during Camp.

Information Required for Registration

  • One registration form should be used to register all family members in the household that will attend Camp.
  • If an adult is attending Camp as a guardian and that guardian is in separate household than the attending children, please submit one form for the guardian and a separate form the attending children.  The parents of the attending children should submit the form on behalf of the children.
  • Contact information such as email and phone number for correspondence and emergency purposes
  • Name and other information such as date of birth for each attendee
  • Medical information such as medications and allergies for each attendee
  • Payment of total amount by credit card or by check
  • The following documentation must be submitted for each attendee after online submission of registration form.  Camp Registrar has discretion to deny attendance if this documentation is not submitted in timely fashion.
      • For children:  typical physical exam report that includes vaccination information and statement of approval for physical activities.  For example, physicians typically give this exam report for school activities/athletics.
      • For adults:  a simple letter from physician that contains statement of approval for physical activities.  In lieu of the physician’s letter, the adult has option of signing a waiver upon check-in on first day of Camp.
      • Copy of front and back of health insurance card

Refund Policy

Refund will be issued under following circumstances


    • Full paid amount if Camp Registrar is notified by phone or email at least 4 weeks prior to start of Camp
    • Full paid amount minus $35 for each attendee if Camp Registrar is notified by phone or email 3 weeks prior to start of Camp
    • Full paid amount minus $75 for each attendee if Camp Registrar is notified by phone or email 2 weeks prior to start of Camp
    • No refund will be given for any attendee who does not attend Camp or if Camp Registrar is notified within 14 days of start of Camp 

Camp Registrar

Mr. Munish Desai

21 Hawthorne Rd

Shrewsbury, MA  01545


Phone:  508-271-7160

Fax: 860-394-4899