Vivekananda Family Camp

Come curious, leave inspired

Your Stay At Camp

Daily Schedule, Cuisine, and Medical Care

Daily Schedule

Full program for children and adults



    • yoga
    • breakfast
    • education
    • arts & crafts


    • engaging discussions
    • lunch
    • waterfront (boating and swimming)
    • outdoor adventures
    • outdoor games
    • hike (on designated day)


    • Aarti
    • dinner
    • cultural program
    • campfire (on designated day)


All meals are provided during Camp.  No outside food is allowed into Camp.  This is for safety reason as we are a nut-free Camp.


Camp is an all-vegetarian and nut-free experience.


Breakfast:  traditional breakfast items such as toast, bagels,  pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, chai/coffee, etc.


Lunch:  Italian, Mexican, Indo-Chinese, subway-type sandwiches, salad, etc.


Afternoon snack:  fruit, chips & salsa, chai/coffee, ice cream, etc.


Dinner:  traditional Indian meals featuring different kinds of subji, daal, chawal, naan, roti, dessert, salad, etc.


Milk & Cookies:  after Cultural Program

Medical Care

Camp is staffed with medical experts that include physicians and nurses.  The medical staff are on-call 24/7 during Camp.


We require medical information of all attendees during time of registration.


Please provide all known allergies (e.g. food, pollen, etc.) and medications in the registration form.


Our doctors will review the provided medical information prior to start of Camp.


If the need should arise, medical facility is only 20 minutes from the camp grounds.

Attendee Age Groups

Children are assigned to their groups according to the grade completed by August. The kids participate as a group in age-appropriate discussions, education classes, and some outdoor games.

There are 4 children age groups according to the grade the children have completed and are mixed-gender.

K - not have yet completed grade 2 ; A -completed grades 2 - 4 ; B - completed grades 5 - 7 ; C - completed grades 8 - 9 ; D - completed grades 10 - 12

All adults are in 1 group. They participate in their own discussions, education classes, and outdoor games.

In other activities, including meals, children and adults may interact with one another to enjoy Camp.

Cabin Life

Cabins are mainly for sleeping after the day's activities.

Cabins are separated by gender. One cabin campus is designated for girls/women and another campus is designated for boys/men.

Cabin assignments are determined prior to start of Camp. Families do not stay together in a cabin. Rather, each cabin has a good mix of 6-8 children and 3-4 adults so that cabin-mates have more opportunity to bond throughout the week. However, children under age 8 will stay with either the mother or the father (parent will indicate the choice in registration form).

Attendees bring bedding such as pillows, bedsheet, comforter, and sleeping bag. In addition, attendees bring personal toiletry items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush/comb, etc.

Each cabin has a mix of single beds and bunk beds. Each bed also has a comfortable mattress.

All cabins have electricity, power outlets, lighting, sink, and toilet.

Shower Houses

There are 2 shower houses. One is designated for girls/women and the other is designated for boys/men. Each shower house is located within the respective cabin campus.

Each shower house has modern private shower stalls with private dressing areas.

Each shower house has sinks and mirrors.

Shower houses are available 24/7. However, most attendees take shower after waterfront and outdoor games period in the afternoon.